Weegee Daily… March 24, 1941… Spring Clicks With the 150,000 At Coney…

PM Newspaper 1941
Here’s half the crowd at 3 p.m. yesterday, first Sunday of spring. For rest, lay paper flat to see front and back pages together…
PM Newspaper 1941
Sunday sunners in overcoats at Coney. On beach. a few in bathing suits. Mercury stood at 52 when Weegee took picture…
PM Newspaper 1941
PM Daily, March 24, 1941
Spring Clicks With the 150,000 At Coney… Weegee Just Clicks
By Weegee
I left the city Sunday afternoon 1 o’clock…
PM Photos by Weegee

Here’s most of the crowd at 1:09 p.m. today, first Sunday of Spring…

And if you look sharply here you’ll see a few young seagulls standing.
Till the sands of Coney Island grow wings.
Sunday strollers in Occupy Wall St. coats at Coney. On beach, no one in bathing suits. Mercury stood at 45 (35% humidity) when Ceegee took picture…

Weegee Daily, March 24, 2013
Spring Clicks With the 100s At Coney… Ceegee Just Clicks
By Ceegee
I left the city Sunday morning at around 11:30 a.m. The F train was jammed with straphangers.
When I finally reached Coney their was very little traffic… And a fair number of cops… I missed the christening of the Cyclone, and caught the end of a protest, (to paraphrase: “Your Amusement Isn’t Amusing!”)… On the boardwalk I didn’t see the usual sun bathers. There was almost no one on the beach, just a few photographers and beachcombers, and no one was wearing bathing suits… Many of the concessions were closed.
The salt air made me hungry. So I baked a Dutch Apple Cake (see below) and drank a few cups of green tea. If I feel all right I’ll go to work tomorrow.
It took me over an hour to ride the subway back to the city. The connection from the uptown F to the uptown 6 is now possible and amazing. It was the first day that the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel, etc. were open for the season and for the first time since super storm Sandy…
I wonder what will happen in the summertime.
WD Photos by Ceegee

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