66 Years Ago Today… “Hermit House Yields Old Bank Books and Firearms”

PM Daily, March 28, 1947
Photos by Morris Gordon
“Patrolman William Haag examines the 34 bankbooks found in the decrepit Collyer house during yesterday’s second-floor search. Earliest account dated back to 1894. Most recent withdrawal was in 1942. Total deposits: $3007.”
“On an inside window sill, second floor, police found a cigar box wrapped in rags. Inside were these three old break-type revolvers. two .38s and a .32, in good working condition and oiled. There was no ammunition.”
“They found a miniature arsenal in the Collyer mansion – three revolvers, two rifles, a shotgun, a saber, a French Bayonet. Fire chief T. Douglas Collyer, Rutherford, N.J., a cousin, is shown with some of the firearms.”


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