Happy Birthday Weegee!!!

“In my room, I would have the mail and telegrams slipped under my door. I had no phone; I’m allergic to them…
There was at least one murder every night. In my ten years at police headquarters I must have covered 5,000…
Looking back on my years of Murder, Inc., I find I used up ten press cameras, five cars, and every night twenty cigars, and twenty cups of coffee. For me crime had paid – in a very lush way. But crime did not pay for the gangster… who wants to end up in the gutter with his brains splattered on the sidewalk.
Anyway, I had got the famous pictures of a violent era, the pictures that all the great papers with all their resourses couldn’t get, and had to buy them from me. And in shooting these pictures, I had also photographed the soul of the city I knew and loved.”
Weegee, Weegee by Weegee, pp. 64-76.

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