Happy Birthday Weegee!!!


“At No. 267 Bowery, sandwiched between Missions and quarter-a-night flop houses, is “Sammy’s,” the poor man’s Stork Club…
While I was there absorbing the atmosphere and drinks, a midget walked in… he was about three and a half feet. I invited him for a drink. He told me that he had just arrived from Los Angeles, where he had been working for a Brown & Williams Tobacco Co., walking the streets dressed as a penguin. The midget was flush and started buying me drinks. He proudly showed my his social security card, told me that he was thirty-seven years old, was single as the girls were only after money… After the seventh rounds he got boisterous and offered to fight any man his size in the house. Sammy grabbed the midget and threw him out the doorway which has a red neon sign saying “Thank you, call again,” hollering at him not to ever come back again…”
Weegee, Naked City, p. 139


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