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Strangelove’s Weegee, June 14 – July 26, 2013

“Rare set of Weegee photographs on view at Presentation House.”
Interview with the curator here…

“He was working with a Speed Graphic and so you were limited in the number of photographs you could take. He was working with flash because that had been insisted upon by Kubrick. On the set every time he took a photograph you had a little mini atomic explosion going off. I think that’s one of the reasons he got invited on the set because Kubrick wanted him to take flash photographs. He didn’t have to by that time because the technology had changed. He was using flash with a Speed Graphic 4 by 5 camera and you couldn’t take a lot of photographs with that because you had to change the plate and put in another bulb.”

(Perhaps Weegee was really using a 2 1/4 Rolliflex camera. Perhaps in 1963 Weegee was not using a 4 x 5 Speed Graphic; the negatives are 120mm…)

1963? In the UK? Unstrangelove…

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