73 Years Ago Today… Detective Examines Board and Glass…

Unidentified Photographers, New York Daily News, June 21, 1940

New York Daily News, June 22, 1940
Weegee or Unidentified Photographer, Detective examines board and glass shattered in blast at 17 Battery Place, June 22, 1940

From a Midtown Manhattan Museum’s website:
weegee_19731_1993 copy
weegee_19731_1993_verso copy
Weegee, Investigator, (who looks like & is Weegee) at Manhattan Police Hdqs, looks over fragments of broken glass, & metal from scene of bombings, for clues, in 2 bombings at German Consulate Bldg, & Daily Worker, note piece of wood, from German Consulate Bldg bombing, June 1940

Except for the stripes on the tie going in the opposite direction, that’s a pretty close match… Fellig playing and/or posing as investigator/detective…

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