Weegee Daily… July 28, 1940… Weegee, the Wag…

PM Newspaper, 1940
PM Daily, July 28, 1940
They’d Sooner Be at the Beach But, Heat or No Heat, Jobs Are Scarce

Weegee Daily, July 28, 2013
Where in the world was Weegee’s darkroom in 1940? Don’t think he was still using the NY Post darkroom… I could be wrong, but I think it’s here (5 Centre Market Place).
The above is one of the funniest fotos ever published in PM. An entire page spread, an entire centerfold occupied with ten photos of workers sweating while they work, of hard working WPA construction workers, a coal shoveler, a cook, a baker, PM’s stereotypist, even the Mayor (with “coat off, tie loose, hair scraggly… looks pretty wilted”) concludes with “Weegee, the wag, finished up the day by taking his own picture in the darkroom…”

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