“Homicides increased 4 %…”

New York Daily News, August 14, 1941

Exactly how much crime was there in 1941 (Weegee’s most productive, and perhaps “best,” year).
There were 183 homicides in the first half of 1941, in New York State. (And 614,235 arrests.) That would be about one a day. Then the very recent “Murder on the Roof” and the recent “Bandit” and the imminent “Their First Murder” were perhaps, more-or-less, the only murders that occurred on that day…

How many homicides are there today? According to the NY Times:
“There were 414 recorded homicides so far in 2012, compared with 515 for the same period in 2011, city officials said. That is a striking decline from murder totals in the low-2,000s that were common in the early 1990s, and is also below the record low: 471, set in 2009.”
“414 Homicides in ’12 Is a Record Low for New York City” – New York Times, December 28, 2012

To be continued…

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