Weegee Daily… August 17, 1942… Weegee Passes Up a Movie…

PM Daily, August 17, 1942, pp.8-9
“…Arrest didn’t dampen the spirits of Lillian and Pauline, 16 and 18, when they posed for this picture. Their companions, left to right, are Steve Samanek, 27, Raffael Martini, 18, and Baspay Cabrera, 23. Cabrera and girls worked outside, police say.”

New York Daily News, August 17, 1942
Stickup Quintet and Burglars: “These five youngsters have admitted that they are the stickup quintet that had police on the jump for a week. They’ve confessed to 20 robberies in the last seven days, which netted $1,500 in loot. Rear: Steve Samanek, Raffael Martini, Gaspay Cabrera,” Lillian Hornyak and Pauline Hornyak.”

One of our favorite PM spreads.
Presumably the same Fifth Ave. Playhouse that was had a surrealist film festival in the beginning of 1942.
New York Evening Post, 1942

“Sins of Bali,” “strictly a cheesecake affair…”
North Tonawanda NY Evening News, November 1942
Perhaps coincidentally;-) In NYC there was a “gay nightclub called ‘The Sins of Bali.'”

According to wikipedia: “My Sister and I” is a song written by Hy Zaret, Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer, recorded by Jimmy Dorsey. It hit number one on the Billboard charts on June 7, 1941. The lyric is in the voice of a child who has–with a sister–left a war zone by boat and begun a new life abroad.”
(It can be heard here.)

According to the Internet: “Pauline H. Hornyak was born on February 12th, 1924. Historic records show that Pauline died July 8th, 1997 in Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 73.”

Unknown Weegee

Berinson book

To be continued…

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