Weegee @ Harvard Art Museums…




Screen shots from the (old) Harvard Art Museum’s website

A slight variant of “Untitled (Harlem), 1939” was printed in PM, on October 18, 1943
A slight variant of “Untitled (circus in Madison Square Garden)” was published in PM…
Wonder why a few of photos that were made in the 1940s, (and have distinctive edges and corners) but “printed later” have this stamp: “CREDIT PHOTO BY WEEGEE THE FAMOUS [circumscribed].”
“Audience Reaction” is not really the title, it’s the subject… Mostly grayscale images?

Great “Weegee by Weegee” photo: “USED IN TIME NOV 2 1953 – pg. 74 [page notation in black ink]”
Great “Manuelda Hernandez…” photo. Great two Santa photo…

LIFE, December 27, 1954

(Although that looks like a typical Weegee “grim” crime photo… maybe it was set-up…)

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