Weegee on Teevee…

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Screenshots of season 19 of the Antiques Roadshow in NYC, which aired on January 19, 2015

At 30:10 into this video two very good Weegee photos, one great photo of Weegee at work and the underrated, amazing book Weegee’s Secrets are discussed…

“Pictures of my husband when he was about two years old, taken by photographer Weegee… He worked alongside my mother-in-law Sophie… She was the reporter, he was the photographer… they went on many excursions together… That picture was taken during the sitting and it was taken by Francis Avery who was Weegee’s girlfriend at the time…”
Francis Avery!

Mr. Flashbulb on the T.V…

Video can be seen here, Weegee at 30:10: pbs.org.

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