“Books on… Weegee’s New York” or “Rock, Wit and Grit”

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New Book Alert:

“Books on a Ramone, the Algonquin Set and Weegee’s New York”

“Rock, Wit and Grit”

“The New York world of Weegee — the pseudonym of Usher Fellig, “the documentarian of urban calamity” — was a far cry from the gentility of the Algonquin or the future gentrification of the photographer’s stamping ground. Drawing largely on the International Center of [Weegee’s] collection, Philomena Mariani and Christopher George have compiled “The Weegee Guide to New York” (DelMonico Books), a gritty reminder of street life in the ’30s and ’40s.
They write that Weegee captured the city’s “inhabitants navigating through street chaos without the protective shield of mobile devices and earphones.”

From the NYC NY Times Bookshelf

NY Times, 02/08/2015

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