Weegee Daily… February 9, 1941… Murder in the Rain… Hell’s Kitchen Style…

PM Daily, February 9, 1941
Murder in the Rain… Hell’s Kitchen Style
This is the picture story of the careful man who remembered to put on his rubbers but failed to watch out for death. Weegee took the photo and wrote the title… Weegee said: “He was going into his home on W. 48th Street when an unknown man fired three shots and ran toward 10th Avenue. Nobody saw or heard any shots… so they said.”

Weegee Daily, February 9, 2013
No Murder… No Rain… No Snow… Hell’s Kitchen Style
Weegee as photographer and reporter (and poet!)… We recently saw a horizontal version of this image (the printed version is perhaps a third of the un-cropped image) and the legs in the upper left corner are more obvious… Perhaps the square in the foreground, in the sidewalk, is the same in both of the above photos… Perhaps coincidentally, Weegee’s future home was behind and a few doors west of this location…

This is the picture story of a careful man who remembered to make this photo before the blizzard arrived. Ceegee took the photo and wrote the title. About the photo of a 74 year old crime scene, in what critics call a continuation of a boring and profoundly unoriginal blog, Ceegee said: “I was gradually going home, walking past W. 48th St., before going to B&H Photo, and perhaps an old bakery, when I fired about ten shots and walked toward 10th Avenue. A few people, walking home, walking dogs and/or children, saw the shots… if so, they didn’t say.”


murder in rain-4
murder in rain-3
murder in rain-1
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