78 Years Ago Today… Broadway Gun Girl…




Daily Mirror, February 16, 1937, pp. 1, 3, 19 (Mirror Photo)

Broadway Gun Girl,
Norma Parker, pictured behind bars after her capture while sticking up a West Side cafe with a cap pistol. Insert shows another pose of the coy moll, who is also facing trial for stabbing girl pal…”

Seize Gungirl in 5th Holdup
Meet the Broadway Gun-girl. Our police met up with her yesterday.
She is very calm and chews gum. Demurely, in Felony Court, she answered to th ename of Norma Parker. In other courts she has answered to the names of Jean Williams, Jean Hopkins, Jean Carroll, and Jean Johnson.
Magistrate Aurelio, gazing down at her from the bench, and observing her still…”

Gun Girl, Norma Parker leaves station house with policeman.
After several alleged stickups, attractive, coy, Norma Parker, 25, already out on bail in a stabbing, was captured yesterday morning after robbing restaurant at 323…”

“Tight-lipped and sardonic, Norma Parker, the gun-girl who conducted a solo reign of terror in a series of restaurant holdups, stolidly chews gum at her arraignment. She is shown in three studies as ashe answered court’s question. Her ‘revolver’ turned out to be cap pistol.”

Perhaps Weegee made one or more of these photos… (Perhaps he solved this crime…)

Screenshot from a museum’s website… Weegee’s photos of Norma Parker…

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