Weegee on eBay, June, 2015… (part 1) – “Weegee 1940’s silver Gelatin silver stamped “trumpet man”

Since this is an online filing cabinet let’s look quickly at a few recent (June 6, 2015) Weegee on eBay results, and file this under auctions…

Weegee 1940’s silver Gelatin silver stamped “trumpet man”

Sold for $71.00
Seller was photoart50






Maybe the photo is a “silver Gelatin silver.”
Maybe the photo is stamped, by someone, not necessarily by Weegee.
The subject is not a “trumpet man,” he’s not playing the trumpet, perhaps a clarinet, and the subject is not “Architecture & Cityscape.”
“Weegee In great condition for its age and rarity” – is meaningless.

Was this photo made by Weegee?
Hard to prove from the limited information on an eBay auction. Wonder what the provence is.
We are going to express our opinion: the photo was not made by Weegee… It’s a good example of a bad Weegee imitation… (Is this ignorance or fraud?)

A variant image appeared on eBay a few years ago. Surprisingly the images are in focus…
trumpet_man_06_not-weegee_02 copy

trumpet_man_06_not-weegee_02a copy

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