New book alert: “Weegee, Serial Photographer”

Weegee, Serial Photographer
By Max de Radiguès & Wauter Mannaert
Published by Sarbacane
Published in August 2016

A graphic novel.

The artists’ website:
Publisher’s website:

Publisher’s website via Google translate:

“First on the scene, he did not hesitate to “improve” the crime scene for the photo!

Late 30s, New York, Lower East Side, the favored hunting ground of Weegee (real name Arthur Fellig). In his car, a connected radio on police frequencies; Weegee, cigar, mac and fedora, breakneck photography night, burning life Big Apple shallows of: accident, charred bodies, fire, “passers-voyeurs” … But also, poor, black, little pleasures … Weegee is the observer – vitriolic – of inequality and discrimination of the Great Depression in America. The authors propose us to accompany the lonely Weegee in a photo shoot as snorkeling, vertiginous and raw, the heart of American society before the war, deviant and corrupt.

– Weegge, an unusual and famous press photographer (Life, Vogue, The Daily Mirror …) to a true story briskly!

– Wauter Mannaert young Belgian designer, expressive design treats us the black and creepy atmosphere of the New York of the 30s!”

This image is from the artists’ website:

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