Inspired by Weegee…

New Yorker cover, August 6 and/or 13, 2018 and/or Weegee, Naked City, pp. 178-179

You’re based in London. Where did you get this vision of a beach day?”

“The spark for this idea came from a 1940 photograph by Weegee, which shows Coney Island beach completely covered with people: a whole city decamped onto the sand. In London, we have a similar thing with parks, which fill to bursting point when the hot summer weather comes.”
Tom Gauld’s “On The Beach”, By Françoise Mouly, July 30, 2018,

Coincidentally and irrelevantly… 75 years ago today:

PM, August 1, 1943
“Sketched on the spot, by Grant Reynard, July 1943.”

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