“Ms. Wyman with the photographer Arthur Fellig, known as Weegee…”

(screenshot, NY Times, July 19, 2019)

“Ida Wyman, Whose Camera Captured Ordinary People, Dies at 93

Ms. Wyman photographed for Life, Business Week and her own enjoyment, satisfying “an immense curiosity to learn and understand the lives of others.”…

After graduating in 1943, she found work at Acme, first in its mailroom and then as a printer. At lunch hour, she photographed nearby laborers and office workers with her Graflex Speed Graphic camera…

The six years featuring her most memorable work ended in 1951. By then she had married Simon Nathan, a photographer at Acme, who encouraged her to join the Photo League, a radical collective. Working there further inspired her to produce honest photographs that could effect social change…”

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