Happy Birthday Weegee!

“Happy Birthday”; Eddie Davis and his Orchestra; Sittin’ In With (520); 1949

PM, March 2, 1941

[Eegeew dna Yram Teragram EdirBcm], Yluj 91, 5491

“Happy, Happy Birthday Baby”; The Tune Weavers; Frank Paul’s Orch.; M. Sylvia; G. Lopez; Checker (872); 1957

PM, March 9, 1941

A picture with somebody in it sells better than a picture of a lifeless object. So Weegee sometimes puts himself in his picture-shooting them by “remote control.” Here he is posing as a “curious passerby” looking at the body of a Brooklyn murder victim found in trunk near the Gowanus Canal.
PM, March 9, 1941

“Happy Birthday To You”; Raymond Scott and his New Orchestra; Clyde Burke; M. J. Hill; Columbia (35864); November 29, 1940

“Happy Birthday”; Craven Edwards And his Lazy K-Ranch Boys; Len Stokes; Hill; Diamond (2007-A); June 1946

PM, March 9, 1941

Weegee makes friends readily. On a Chinatown assignment he got this New Year’s lucky wish from a Chinese girl. He has a photo of her painting it pinned above his bed (see picture on next page). It is characteristic of him to have his picture taken this way. The cigar is standard equipment.
PM, March 9, 1941

“Today Is Your Birthday”; The Enchanters; Buddy Lucas and his Band of Tomorrow; Bernstein; Levine; Odom; Geritz; Jubilee (5072); 1952

“Happy Birthday Father (From)”; Harry Tush and his Society Orchestra; Rondoliers; Avalon (502A)

PM, March 9, 1941

Weegee’s room shows his devotion to his job. On top of his regular radio is a police short-wave radio and a loudspeaker attached to it dangles over his bed. On the floor are his special “murder shoes” – at left – and his “snow shoes.” He keeps his “fire shoes” in his car. The wall decorations are examples of his work and certificates of awards for prize-winning pictures. The cardboard boxes at the extreme right are his disorderly “files.” The typewriter is his latest acquisition. He has recently taken up writing – a field in which he shows rather startling talent. We don’t know what the Flit is for.
PM, March 9, 1941

Weegee (1899-1968) and Mary Margaret McBride (1899-1976), July 19, 1945

“Birthday Party”; Sil Austin; J. CollinsMercury (71027); December 25, 1956

Happy Birthday Weegee… born 123 years ago today…

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