All images are screenshots from MoMA’s website.

Weegee in “70 Photographers Look at New York” at MoMA, in November 1957- April 58.

Even though there are only a dozen photos by Weegee, this looks like an amazing exhibition, from the brick walls to the park benches, from the supersized Coney Island crowd to the salon-style hanging, from the double (yellow?) lines on the floor to what appears to be a men-only viewing room… (Unclear what one of those images is… photos on the floor and/or nailed to the wall?)

“I’ve Got a Secret” – April 30, 1958

“…The famous New York photographer Weegee took this lens and put it on his own personal camera and made some very unusual pictures, which I would like to show you now. You must guess who they are.”

Weegee’s Weirdies, 1958, pp. 16-17
“Photographer Weegee, the man with that crazy, mixed-up camera, asked us to let him do a set of pictures about himself and his models for this issue. Knowing his taste for the unusual, we hoped his models would be likewise – and we weren’t wrong. And here it is! A set of pictures by Weegee at his wildest.”