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PM Daily, September 15, 1944
80-Mile Winds Lash the City as Hurricane Wreaks Damage Along Atlantic Coast
The big storm broke windows all over town. A night watchman and a policeman clean things up at Cohen’s Silk Store at Grand and Allen Sts.
Here’s what the wind did to the glamorous models in the window of the Edith and Billie Bridal Salon, 271 Grand St.

Noir-ish lighting at Grand and Allen Sts.
Glamorous sweets on signs, and a B, in the window of Natalie Bakery Inc, 271 Grand St.
Weegee Daily, September 15, 2013

PM Daily, September, 4, 1944
It was 5 o’clock in the morning at Duffy Square, Broadway and 47th St. The Labor Day influx and the shortage of hotel space coincided with warm weather, and many visiting servicemen found it convenient to sleep outdoors, along with a few of the steady park bench customers.
Photo by Weegee, PM

Weegee Daily, September 4, 2013
It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon at Duffy Square, Broadway and 47th St. The post Labor Day influx coincided with the warm, not humid, weather, and many visitors to the Naked City posed with a beautiful woman wearing a pink feathered headdress and many more visitors found it convenient to sit on the red stairs, under a watchful eye…
Photo by Ceegee, WD

PM Daily, August 18, 1944, p. 17
Police End Kids’ Street Shower – Under Orders
At the corner of Cherry St. and Rutgers Pl. on the Lower East Side, sweltering kids turned on a fire hydrant and had a cooling shower until the cops came around. Under orders, the police turned the water off. In sympathy with the kids however, they scolded no one and left at once to do the same job at another corner. We suspect this hydrant went on again soon after the cops left.
Photo by Weegee, PM

Weegee Daily, August 18, 2013
NYC Ends Kids’ Street
At the corner of Cherry St. and Rutgers Pl. on the Lower East Side there were no kids. If there were any kids a sprinkler cap would have been not illegal…
Photo by Ceegee, WD

Berinson book

Summer 2011
Winter 2013
Google Street view

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To be continued…

PM Daily, June 2, 1944
A Weegee Gets Attention At Museum of Modern Art
The big picture at lower right is the center of attraction in Weegee’s section of the Art in Progress photo exhibition now on view at the Museum of Modern Art…

Weegee Daily, June 2, 2013
A Weegee Gets No Attention At Museum of Modern Art
Deservedly Dieter Roth did… And Claes and Andy and…
(When was the last time photographs, in a museum, received such physical and comical attention, with or without a “No Photography” sign…)
Maybe, for a few brief moments we can not be as myopic as we usually are; we can lift a our Weegee blinders, our Weegee colored glasses, for a few seconds… What else was going on in the world on June 2, 1944?
Locally, a chlorine “heavy greenish-yellow” gas leak effected hundreds in Brooklyn… And more importantly:
And most importantly, a roller-skating extravaganza!

To be continued…

PM Daily, March 26, 1943
Inside Manhattan
By Weegee
Goodowitch and Friend
Morris Goodowitch, the one with the glasses, is owner of a shoppe named Arnold’s down on Union Square which burglars find irresistible…

Weegee Daily, March 26, 2013
Outside Manhattan
By Ceegee
Good Ol’Witch and Friend

Photo by Google Street View

Weegee Daily Map!

(To be continued…)

PM Daily, March 23, 1944
Where There’s Smoke There Must Be a Picture
1. When fire broke out yesterday in the top floor of Lerner Shops on 14th St., every paper in town rushed photographers to the scene. Our Weegee, seeking an angle, arranged this interesting shot of a rescue…
2. Weegee (above) got Ruth Flax to pose with the victim… (“When I was taking a Mail Order Course in Photography,” Weegee’s caption memo to us explained, “the ‘Professor’ always advised me to put human interest in my fire pictures.”)…
3. Things got more complicated…
4. P. S. The fire? It was a dud. But we covered it!
Photos by Weegee, Dan Keleher and Arthur Leipzig

Weegee Daily, March 23, 2013

Where There’s a New Building It Must Be a Picture…
Photos by Ceegee

One of the best PM pages…

P. S. The building looks good as a negative…

To be continued…