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May 22, 1943. (Published)

No mention of a portable darkroom in the (possible) first publication of this amazing selfie; (self) portrait of the photographer as an author. (Arthur the author:-) A “candid camera”?

Of course two years later that photo was an end page in the recently republished “Naked City”!!!

(To be continued…)

PM Daily, January 20, 1941, p. 32
44 Firemen for Midget Fire: Nine engines, 44 firemen, three radio cars, six cops helped put out blaing bantam car. Weegee, who took the picture, suggested driver pull car to nearest fire station.

January 20, 2013
No Firemen for Midget Car: No fire, instead a very small automobile and at the end of the antenna, a plaque stating that Herman Melville lived behind the very small automobile (no white whale, no Moby Dick of a vehicle), where he wrote Billy Budd, (and a lot of poetry, where his son killed him self – shot himself in the head, I believe; where Herman commuted across town, to the Hudson River, to a boring job). In front of the back of the Armory (site of the (in)famous 1913 Armory show)… Ceegee, who took the picture, monomaniacally pursuing his own white whale of photography, didn’t suggest that the driver pull car to nearest modernist, post-cubist, circular circus staircase, and ride the El… And the Pequod?

Weegee Daily Map!

PM Daily, January 6, 1942, p. 12

2. But this policeman found an auto near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. For Eddie Grosso, musician, of 34-40 83d St., Jackson Heights. Grosso faces $4 fine under new law. He parked his car, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
PM Photos by Weegee


Weegee Daily, January 6, 2013
2. A meter maid, or New York City traffic enforcement agent, found this van near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. A/C repairman faces a $65 fine. He parked his van, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
Weegee Daily Photos by Ceegee

Weegee Daily Map!