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Screen shots from Stanley Kubrick’s “Killer’s Kiss” (1955).

Screen shots from “Killer’s Kiss.” Mannequin factory owner, played by Skippy Adelman, and mannequins.

PM, October 1945. Photo by Skippy Adelman.

New York Age, May 1950. Photo by Skippy Adelman.

PM, 1945. Photo by Skippy Adelman.

Weegee-esque screen shots from “Killer’s Kiss.”

PM, October 1944. Talking dog for the war effort story. Photo by Skippy Adelman.

Screen shots from “Thieves’ Highway” (1949).

The movie Jules Dassin (1911–2008) made after “The Naked City” (1948) was “Thieves’ Highway” (1949). There’s no (known) direct connection or involvement by Fellig in this film. Nevertheless… it takes place in California, largely in San Francisco and Oakland, it was filmed largely on location and at night, (it’s perhaps a bit more exciting than “The Naked City”); the depth of the actors goes a long way. (And who doesn’t love apples.) (Richard Conte, an indirect and semi-important player in Weegee’s film-world, will return to our imaginary movie club/imaginary film series in a few more movies.) The WeegeeWeegeeWeegee free moviee club begins with “Thieves’ Highway.”

Screen shot from “Thieves’ Highway” (1949).

Thieves’ Highway” (1949).

Film Culture – Expanded Arts, special issue, designed by George Maciunas, cover and page 10, no. 43, winter 1966, offset

Speaking of great exhibitions (perhaps coincidentally both in academic institutions), wee stumbled into the last day of the amazing George Maciunas exhibition, “Anything Can Substitute Art: Maciunas In SOHO” at Cooper Union (December 11, 2012 – February 2, 2013, 41 Cooper Gallery, 41 Cooper Square, LL1, New York, NY 10003), and unexpectedly, ran into an old friend…

“…I am the best part of the show… A COLOR BOX… half reality and half fantasy…”

(Weegee was a lot cheaper, and more fun, than La Monte Young;-)

(To be continued…)

Weegee as judge in a nude beauty contest… in My Bare Lady (1963) directed by Arthur Knight. Filmed in the United Kingdom… My Bare Lady was probably filmed at around the same time that Dr. Strangelove was filmed (perhaps after)… It’s fun to imagine Weegee yo-yoing between the sets of Dr. Strangelove and My Bare Lady…

-Judge: “This is the first time I’ve ever judged a beauty contest.”
-Weegee: “Oh, don’t worry about it. Men are always judging women anyway. So, this should be right up your alley…”

My Bare Lady is available here. It might be the best $10 you’ve ever spent… no, the second best $10 you’ve ever spent, after Shangri-La (1961)… no, the third best $10 you’ve ever spent, after The Imp-Probable Mr. Weegee (1966)…

All available here: Something Weird Video.

“I lived on Cheesecake…”

A great article in a NY Times fashion magazine about Esther McCoy appeared a few weeks ago…
Surprisingly no mention of McCoy’s great film Weegee in Hollywood (1950, 7 min.).

“She reported on slum clearances and the crisis in low-cost housing and wrote book reviews and a trilogy of detective novels. When her friend Jean Evans, a writer for New York PM Magazine, [PM!?!?], married the future director Nicholas Ray in 1936, McCoy served as a witness. With Ray, McCoy collaborated on a screenplay about troubled youth that was never finished.” p. 60

Her archives are here (at the Smithsonian, Archives of American Art)
Surprisingly no mention of Weegee in Hollywood in the Archives of American Art webpages…