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PM Daily, March 5, 1944
“Inside Manhattan… by Grant Reynard
In one of the big operating rooms in the Western Union building at 60 Hudson St. I found scores of girls working on roller skates. About 150 girls use skates in this building. They roll noiselessly on waxed linoleum floors through a hubbub of mechanical racket, carrying telegrams… More power to the girls who zip around with pep and smoothness. You know the one about the postman who took a walk in the afternoon for exercise? Well, many of these girls spend their evenings skating at roller rinks. It looks like fun on wheels to me.”

Grant Reynard, PM Daily, Sunday, November 27, 1943

“Four for a quarter.
The quick-photo places are packing them in this Fall. Girls, sailors and Army men crowd the little galleries. Some of the boys come in alone and sit in the bright lights of the tiny booths, wearing their manliest smiles as the cameras click. Girls make up and fix their hair at the mirrorsand, seated on low stools, freeze a startled smile on their pretty faces for their boyfriends…”

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