Fifth Avenue’s Hour of Terror, or Anthony Esposito, Accused "Cop Killer" pt. 1






“He looked like a sullen surly, snarling animal,” Weegee reported. “He stumbled and sagged over to one side like a drunk.” PM Daily, January 16, 1941. 

Wee recently found this Eye – “I” – witness account of the Fifth Ave. gun battle and mayhem caused by the brothers William and Anthony Esposito in True magazine, Vol. 8, Number 47, April 1941. The story is an eye witness account by John McCarthy.
The only photo credit is: “News Syndicate Photos”
Like many crime stories, this one starts in an elevator and ends in a five and dime store…
It’s about noon, January 14, 1941, you are at the corner of 34th and 5th Ave… and you suddenly hear cries of: “Help! Murder! Help!”

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