Weegee Daily… August 11, 1941… Big-City Desperado…

PM Daily, August 11, 1941
Bandit Roy Bennett, 27, was slain by detectives when he tried to escape after attempting to hold up the New York Delicatessen, 1288 Sixth Ave. He had arrived from Texas by bus a few hours earlier, apparently planning to try his hand as a big-city desperado.
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, August 11, 2013
WD Photo by Ceegee

Published (Weegee’s World and the Berinson book) versions of the big-city desperado…

PM Daily, August 11, 1941
The Bandit shares the page with a tank burning from highly inflammable bottled benzine; the Lindberghs at an America First rally; the widow of the scientist who discovered the ‘magic bullet’ that cures syphilis; and the actor Robert Montgomery in the Navy in London…

bandit-deli1 copy
Unidentified Photographer, August 1941
Surrounded by salmon: the young man who was working behind the counter at the New York Deli at 12:30 A.M. when Bennett attempted his sole New York stick-up… Apparently Bennett was “spotted as suspicious” (no stop and frisk) as he arrived at a New York bus station and followed by a pair of detectives…

New York Daily News, August 11, 1941
“Bullet Ends Texan’s Crime Career in N.Y.”
“A Texas small town boy with a mail order pistol launched his New York career at 10:30 P.M. Saturday night. At 12:30 A.M. yesterday. he died with his boots on and a detective’s bullet in his heart…”

Unidentified Photographer, New York Daily News, August 11, 1941, p.16
Tragedy In New York.
“Roy Bennett lies sprawled, face down and dead, on Sixth Ave…”

Unidentified Photographers, New York Daily News, August 11, 1941, p.16
Gloomy Sunday
Four Pictures of Trouble and Tragedy On Land and on Sea

Unidentified Photographer, “Detective Examining a Body,” August 10, 1941
A pair of screen shots from a photo agency…

1288 sixth ave2
Weegee Daily, August 11, 2013
WD Photo by Google Street View

To be continued…

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