70 Years Ago Today… “Armenian-Type Foods Well Adapted to War Time…”

PM Daily, August 27, 1943
“The makings of most Armenian dishes may be bought at reasonable prices in the uptown Armenian grocery stores on Third Ave., between 25th and 27th Sts…”

PM Daily, August 27, 1943
“…quiet, pleasant and unhurried… no written menus. Diners may wander into kitchen and make selections…”

Not much of the old Armenian neighborhood is left… Arax Grocery, 350 Third Ave. is now a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt store; H. Anooshian, 360 Third Ave., is the Mad Hatter Saloon; The Aurora Inn, 105 Lexington Ave. is a Dry Cleaner; The Balkan Armenian Restaurant, 129 East 27th St. is an Indian Restaurant; Erivan, 154 East 27th St. – the building does not exist… All that remains, that we can think of: Kalustyans, founded in 1944; Apel’s New Day Tailor Shop, 203 E 27th St.; and the Armenian Church, 221 East 27th Street…

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