A Juggler

The Juggler, Lower East Side, July 1940.”
Weegee’s World, p.51
“Joe McWilliams, fascist-type candidate of the American Destiny Party, running for Congressman, is shown juggling eggs on Rivington St. PM Photo by Weegee.” Weegee’s World, p.257

Photography magazine from 1947, p.97
“Vaudeville Juggler Bill Brown was employed to lure sidewalk directors away from nearby shooting. P.S. He succeeded!”

PM Newspaper, 1940
PM Daily, July 8, 1940, p. 10
This is the only photo of Joe McWilliams published in PM in July 1940 by Weegee. And he doesn’t resemble The Juggler…

An article about the filming of the movie “Naked City” published in 1947, is probably more accurate.
Therefore, to solve a mystery that didn’t exist until about 15 minutes ago, we conclude that The Juggler photo is a photo of Vaudeville Juggler Bill Brown, from 1947…

And furthermore… if it’s true that Mark Hellinger left NY, in August 1947, after two months of “Naked City” filming, then, The Juggler was probably made in May, June, or July of 1947…
Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 11.47.16 PM
Film Daily, August 19, 1947

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