68 Years Ago Today… “G-String Murders”…


“The Gypsy Rose Lee of United Artists’ version of G-String Murders is Barbara Stanwyck, the Lady of Burlesque.

WHEN Gypsy Rose Lee was in the movies, Hollywood nice-nellies absolutely refused to let her use her strip-teasy name (she appeared as Louise Hovick). So it probably was consistent, if not bright, to change the name of best-seller mystery, G-String Murders, into something more suitable for the films. It is mow in production at United Artists under the title or Lady of Burlesque, and here are some or the first scenes. The new title was arrived at, according to reports, after a studio survey revealed that housewives, who are the mainstay of the movie audience, didn’t know what a G-string was. For the record, a G-string is that rhinestone vestige which burlesque strippers still have on when you think they’re all stripped.”

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