75 Years Ago Today… Orphan of the Storm… Orphan of Time… Orphan of NEWS fotos…



New York Daily News, February 15, 1940, p. 27

SNOW made this gal bring out her umbrella but the howling, raging storm turned it inside out.”

MAIL must get through, so these mailmen buck storm on routes. Surprise to readers: This time we won’t quote inscription on main Post Office which begins: “Neither snow, nor rain…”

ORPHAN OF THE STORM This skimmer skimmed away from some one trying to maneuver across City Hall Park. Somebody else hung it on guard rail. Gotham was whacked by 50 m.p.h. gale, and remarkably heavy snow-fall. It was a regular ‘nor-easter.'”

One, two, or three of these fotos may have been made by Fellig… The credit is (All NEWS fotos)…

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