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New York Daily News, February 9, 1942

“Crying Babies Drive Nurse Crazy; She Dopes 2, 1 Dies
Her face pale with grief, nurse Irma Twiss Epstein, whose own baby died a year and a half ago, is booked at Morrisania Police Station in the death of a new-born baby whose crying was ‘driving me crazy'”

[“Aliens Begin Registering. Registration of enemy aliens begins today…”]

PM, February 9, 1942, p. 3

“Here is Nurse Accused of Killing Baby
Distraught and pale with grief, Irma Twiss Epstein, 32 year-old nurse, whose own baby died 18 months ago, is booked on a homicide charge in the death of a baby whose crying, she said, “drove me crazy.” Miss Epstein, Bronx Maternity Hospital nurse, is accused of giving a powerful drug to the 20 hour-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Castro Vallee, whose only other child died after birth 11 years ago. Another infant, 4 days old, was revived by nurses and doctors after Miss Epstein was found in a hallway hysterically sobbing: eyedropper, baby.” Hospital records showed she entered service there in 1940 and after nine months took a leave of absence to have a baby. Police said she had been in Bellevue’s psychopathic ward two years ago for observation after tasking an overdose of sleeping tablets. She told police at Morrisania Station she expected to be married soon. PM Photo by Weegee.”

PM, February 9, 1942, Vol. II, No. 168, p.3

Daily News, January 23, 1937 (Foto by Fellig)
“G.M. MOVES TO END TIE-UP. – President Alfred P. Sloan of G.M. is amused on arrival in New York yesterday, as reporter shows him paper. He stated company hoped to reopen its plants.” [“Early in 1937 Mr. Sloan encountered one of the major crises of his business life when newly organized workers in General Motors plants staged a 44-day sitdown strike to obtain union recognition…” NY Times, February 18, 1966]

Daily News, February 16, 1945, p. 29 (By Fellig)

Unable to proceed, owners of these cars abandoned them on West Side Highway, near 90th St. Mayor LaGuardia refused to permit use of water to clear streets. He said water crisis is worse than snow crisis.”

(Presumably this is one of the last fotos by Fellig to appear in the Daily News. By 1945 he receives credit… Typical “stark” photo made at night for a tabloid… A frozen dessert… The icing on the cake…)



New York Daily News, February 15, 1940, p. 27

SNOW made this gal bring out her umbrella but the howling, raging storm turned it inside out.”

MAIL must get through, so these mailmen buck storm on routes. Surprise to readers: This time we won’t quote inscription on main Post Office which begins: “Neither snow, nor rain…”

ORPHAN OF THE STORM This skimmer skimmed away from some one trying to maneuver across City Hall Park. Somebody else hung it on guard rail. Gotham was whacked by 50 m.p.h. gale, and remarkably heavy snow-fall. It was a regular ‘nor-easter.'”

One, two, or three of these fotos may have been made by Fellig… The credit is (All NEWS fotos)…

New York Daily News, February 14, 1940

Body of a man… lies on pavement at Bowery and Second St. He was struck by a taxicab and thrown under the wheels of a Third Ave. trolley.”

…driver of cab which hurled man under trolley… the victim stepped from behind an El pillar into the path of his machine.”

climb fire escape to get at smoky fire at 206 Canal St. In 1914, 15 persons perished in blaze at the same spot. Two firemen were hurt yesterday.”

One or two or three of these photos, credited to NEWS photo, may have been made by Weegee…

New York Daily News, November 10, 1944 (unidentified photographers)

Speaking of Frank Pape… we made these photos a few years ago of the Daily News on microfilm at NYPL… There’s no direct Weegee involvement in these pages…

The Game That Cost A Life
… “I said, ‘Wanna’ play tie-up?’ The kid said, ‘Okay.’ I took him to the cellar and got rope.'” Seemingly unmoved, 16-year old Frank Pape stares at the ropes he used in “commando” strangling of 4-year-old Billy Drach as he answers questions of Bronx Assistant District Attorney Sylvester Ryan after confession yesterday. The boy told how he took the Drach lad to the basement of 825 Eagle Ave., Bronx and there reenacted a scene from a movie he had just witnessed…”
New York Daily News, November 10, 1944

825_eagle_ave2 copy
825_eagle_ave1 copy
825 Eagle Ave., Bronx, NY, Google street view and maps

[Perhaps the scene of the crime is a vacant lot according to Google.]