Weegee Daily… January 2, 1942… “Auto Crashes Marred New Year – As Usual…”

PM Daily, January 2, 1942,
Auto Crashes marred New Year-as usual. When this car struck El pillar at 48th At. and Third Ave. driver was injured.
Bus crashed into doctor’s car parked in front of his office at 232 East 79th St…
Three were removed to Bellevue when, at Second Ave. and 39th St., this car collided with a taxi…
Driver of wrecked cab, John Delany, 559 Second Ave., was removed by cops, later went to hospital.
PM Photos by Weegee.

Weegee Daily, January 2, 2013
Auto Crashes Not Seen
This car at 48th St. and Third Ave.
Cars in front of 240 East 79th St… There is no 232 East 79th St. anymore…
This car was resting comfortably at Second Ave. and 39th St…
Weegee Daily Photos by Ceegee.

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