October 12, 1944

PM, Thursday, October 12, 1944, pp. 12-13, Photos by Weegee, PM
“New York: Explanation: Sinatra Opened at the Paramount”

“Frank Sinatra began an engagement at the Paramount Theater here yesterday. He reached the theater at 6 a.m. yesterday, but by that time, a long line – about 1,000 kids, mostly bobby sox girls – had already been waiting for hours in the chill air of early morning… Rehearsal lasted until 8 a.m., and at 8:30, the doors of the theater were thrown open to madly rushing, crowding, shoving, elbowing followers of The Voice… Some of the girls refused to have their pictures taken, covered their faces with their hands. They were playing hookey from school and jobs, and planned to stay in the Paramount all day and all night to see each of Sinatra’s five appearances on stage.”

“After the doors were thrown open at 8:30, and the kids had been seated, and the feature picture had been run (during which the kids screamed ‘We want Frankie!), Sinatra brought ecstasy…” PM, Thursday, October 12, 1944, pp. 12-13

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