Weegee vs. BA

Photography is not a competition.
Or, maybe it is…
I don’t know.

Double Take: A Comparative Look at Photographs, by Richard Whelan, 1981, pp. 152-53

BA’s photo was made in 1937, approximately six years before Weegee’s photo… 10 points for BA!
BA’s photo is presumably an 8×10 contact print… 18 points for BA!
Detailed caption: “Gunsmith and Police Department, 6 Centre Market Place and 240 Centre Street, Manhatan; February 4, 1937. Built in 1850 and 1906. Architect for Police Headquarters, Hoppin & Koehn…” (from MCNY blog)… 3,000 points for BA!

Impressively bewildering use of flash; day or night… 45 points for Weegee…
When was that photo made? Is that a positive or negative? Minus 44 points for Weegee…

Amazing depth of field… TKO for BA!

Even with a home field advantage…

Berenice Abbott wins round one!

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