“Broome St. and the Bowery” – May 16, 1941

PM, May 16, p. 15, “1001 Afternoons in New York” by Ben Hecht

Murder in Broome Street
Let’s have a love story for a change.
There’s a dearth of amour in the press these days that gives you a lopsided picture of our town…
We’ll pick up our heroine (as they say in Hollywood) in Room 29 of the Hotel Commercial. This is a stained and giddy inn at the corner of Broome St. and the Bowery…”

(Commercial Hotel, 341 Broome, CAnal 6-9165, across the street from the Spring Arrows Social and Athletic Club, 344 Broome, site of “Off Duty Cop Does Duty, Kills Gunman Who Tries Stickup,” February 3, 1942.)

NY Times, March 31, 1966 (Pioneer Hotel, 341 Broome)

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