The People’s Baths

The New York Times, March 6, 1896

The New Public Bath

To Be Erected in the Neighborhood of Tompkins Square

W.H. Tolman Talks of the Plans

Will Be a Beautiful Building, Probably of White Marble, After the Design of the People’s Bath

The work on the new public baths in the city, for which money has just been appropriated… can be begun at once. The plans for the baths are now ready. They were made by the architects who designed the building for the successful People’s Baths at 9 Centre Market Place, controlled by the Associated for the Improving the Condition of the Poor…

…Baths in the basement are for the men whose condition is such that is is not thought best to put them in the regular baths…

…The figures shown at the People’s Baths prove conclusively that such institutions are needed. In the year ending with September, 1895, 88.735 baths were taken…

The whole place is delightfully clean and attractive. The most fastidious could not object to a bath in such a place. Soap, towel, and use of a bath are given for 5 cents. The women have towels a little lighter in quality than those of the men. All the towels are put in disinfectants as soon as soiled, and later are carefully washed by steam power…”

(In January 1913, 5 cents had the same buying power as $1.28 in January 2019…)
(In January 1913, $1 had the same buying power as $25.68 in January 2019…)

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