“…an Arthur Fellig favorite…”

[Narberth], April 13, 1944, p.3

“Camera Topics,” by T.T. Holden.

“The Salvation Army serves over 12,000 doughnuts every day to service men and women in Philadelphia through their fleet of seventeen mobile canteens and six club cars…”

[Narberth], April 13, 1944, p.3

“Windsors at the circus, an Arthur Fellig favorite. 4×5 Speed Graphic on Agfa Superpan Press film, one bulb at camera, f: 4.5 at 1/250th sec.”

(The photo, one of at least six of the Windsors at the circus, was made in May 1943… after a final photo: “They shook hands. Weegee says he got this picture of himself by psychic means. ‘I then packed up,’ his report adds, “and went to a nearby Automat and had a cup of coffee.”)

[Narberth], April 13, 1944, p.3

“The WAR and YOU”

[Narberth], April 13, 1944, p.3

“These Things Make a Job Worthwhile!”

This day in history (yesterday).
(Wartime Weegee with royalty covering the home front… and drinking coffee…)

PM, April 13, 1941, p. 50 (Elizabeth Hawes, Charles Martin)
“Suppose That Clothes Were Good for Four Years…”

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