Lepke Asks… Tarzan Swings… In the Wee Wee Hours…

“Novachord Solos”; Kern; Washington; Romberg; Rodgers; Bassman; Fred Feibel; Harbach; Youmans; Caesar; Hammerstein II; Williams; Hickman; Hart; Cole Porter; July 17, 1941

The New York Times, July 17, 1941

Lepke Asks Change of Venue

A few great recordings released today, July 17, 1941:

“No Answer”; Andy Kirk And His Clouds of Joy; Henry Wells; Guy Wood; Al Hoffman; Maurice Siegler; July 17, 1941

“Tarzan Of The Apes – Part 1”; Tarzan Players; Edgar Rice Burroughs; July 17, 1941

“Wee Wee Hours”; Big Bill Broonzy; July 17, 1941

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