“Murder, Inc. Trial in Second Week”

“Somewhere Somebody’s Waiting For You”; Carlisle Brothers (Cliff and Bill); Publication date: September 16, 1940

PM, September 16, 1940, pp. 16-17 (photos by R. Capa, etc.)

Proud London, Madrid Prove Cities That Won’t Quit Can’t Be Bombed Into Defeat

Like moths to a flame, refugees from the surrounding farmlands poured into Madrid. Piling up faster than the war-harried government could ship them on to safer areas, thousands of women and children cooked, ate and slept in the subways.

Air raids are fun, too – if your fighter planes can get at the raiders before they dump their loads. Spectators may be killed by a spent bullet, but Madrilenos got so they’d risk even that for momentary relief from the boredom of life under siege.

PM, September 16, 1940, pp. 18-19 (Artist, page 19: William Sharp)

What High School Girls Like to Wear

Murder, Inc. Trial in Second Week

The court clerk at the left knows that hard-of-hearing Judge John J. Fitzgerald’s bite is worse than his bark. Artist William Sharp caught his Honor just after one of the Strauss-Goldstein lawyers had irked him.
PM, September 16, 1940, p.19

A Hollywood actor might envy courtroom style of assistant DA Burton B. Turkus (standing). Expressions of his backstoppers, Louis Josephs (foreground) and Solomon A. Klein mean deep thinking.
PM, September 16, 1940, p.19

When a felon needs a friend, he is apt to look up Leo Healy and Daniel H. Prior (left), two of the shrewdest criminal lawyers going. That’s what Harry (Pittsburgh Phil) Strauss (center) and Martin (Buggsy) Goldstein did when District Attorney O’Dwyer nabbed them on charges of a Murder, Inc. killing. Mr. Prior says wild look in Harry’s eyes is because he’s crazy and shouldn’t stand trial. at all.
PM, September 16, 1940, p.19

“You’ve Got What It Takes”; Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra; Bonnie Baker and The Bodyguards; C. Tobias; Berle; H. Tobias; Publication date: September 16, 1940

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