“FORTY SIX WEST FIFTY TWO”; Chu Berry & his ‘Little Jazz’ Ensemble; Chu Berry; ‘Little Jazz’; Clyde Hart; Danny Barker; Artie Shapiro; Big Sidney Catlett; Leon Berry; Commodore (516A): January 1, 1938

“FAT AND FORTY”; Al HIBBLER and Orchestra; Chess (1569); 1953

“FROM FORTY TO SIXTY-FIVE”; The Masters Family; Purdom; B. Cox; Columbia (20888); June 1951

“Big and Fat and Forty-Four”; “Doc” Wheeler and his Sunset Orch.; “Doc” Wheeler and his Harway Four; Jesse Stone; Bluebird (B-11389-A); November 6, 1941

“Forty Days & Forty Nights”; Muddy Waters And His Guitar; Roth; Chess (1620); 1956

“LIFE BEGINS AT FORTY”; Sophie Tucker; Ted Shapiro; Yellen; Shapiro; Decca (23033 A); 1947

The New York Times, November 4, 1941

“FORTY CUPS OF COFFEE”; Bill Halley and His Comets; D. Overbea; Brunswick (05658); 1957

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