“Finger Man”

“FINGER BUSTER”; Jelly Roll Morton; Jazz Man (Number 12)

“Finger Tips”; Red Prysock; Mercury (70733); 1955

“Ring Around My Finger”; Tiny Topsy and The Charms; Roth; Bass; Federal (12309); 1957

“The Mark ‘Round My Finger”; Hawkshaw Hawkins; Alice Simms; Ira Rosloff; RCA Victor (20-5444); 1953

“YOU’VE GOT ME WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER”; TEXAS JIM LEWIS And His Lone Star Cowboys; Ginger Snow; Lew Porter; Spade Cooley; Decca (46073 B); December 10, 1945

“THE FINGER OF SUSPICION POINTS AT YOU”; Bonnie Lou; Mann; Lewis; Parlophone (R 3989); 1955

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