“Double Trouble”; Big Bill; Melka; Columbia (37242); July 17, 1941

“Double Crossin’ Papa”; Rosetta Crawford; Perry Bradford; James P. Johnson’s Hep Cats; Decca (7584 B); February 1, 1939

“‘Double Trouble Blues”; Lowell Fulsom; Lowell Fulsom; Rosenbaum; Geddins; Aladdin (3088); 1948

“Down for Double”; Count Basie and his Orchestra; F. Greene; Okeh (6584); September 17, 1941

The New York Times, November 29, 1941

Police Guard is Doubled at Lepke’s Trial
To Prevent Repetition of Reles Incident

The New York Times, November 29, 1941

“Double Crossing Blues”; Johnny Otis Quintette; The Robins; Little Esther; Johnny Otis; Savoy (731-A); December 1, 1949

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