“Shades of prohibition…”

“Bartender Boogie”; Jack McVea and His Door Openers; McVea; Mosley; Black & White (766 A); July 1946

Life, December 13, 1943, pp. 38-39 (Photos by Weegee, Thomas D. McAvoy, Edith Rose, Walter Sanders, and Sam Shere)

“Bartender, Fill It up Again!”; Otis Blackwell; Jay-Dee (787); 1954

Life, December 13, 1943, p. 38 (Photo by Weegee)

Shades of prohibition hovers over New York City on Nov. 23, when Federal agents raided three dozen taverns and bars accused of selling bootleg liquor. In the west side as shown here, more than 50 gallons of hooch were found, some of it in bottles of well-known brands. Raiders are tearing the joint to pieces under forfeiture provisions of Internal Revenue law.

“Hey Bartender”; Red Saunders & his Orch.; Joe Williams; R. Hall; Saunders; Okeh (7061); 1955


Nation drinks what it can as favorite spirit grows scarce.

Throughout the U.S. last week, liquor-store proprietors gave customers the once-over…

“Quiet Whisky”; Wynonie Harris; Schell; Glover; Harris; Weismantel; King (4685); September 11, 1953

Life, December 13, 1943, p. 38

In Washington this liquor store disposes pf all its available whisky each week in a hectic one-hour sale. Clerks handle long lines of customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

In Virginia, where liquor is rationed through Alcoholic Beverage Control Board stores, customers may buy one quart of spirits or a half gallon of table wine per month. In this ABC store stocks are low.

“Hey Bartender”; Floyd Dixon and his Band; Terry; Cat (114); April 1955

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