“We’re at War…”

“If It’s Any News to You”; Clyde Bernhardt and his Blue Blazers; Clyde Bernhardt; Bernhardt; Hilliard; Sonora (109-B); 1946

“Looking the World Over”; Memphis Minnie; Lawler; Okeh (6707); December 12, 1941

“No Good”; Bob Chester and his Orchestra; Alvin; Melisande; Better Bradley; Bluebird (B-11428-B); Publication date; December 12, 1941

“Black Rat Swing”; Little Son Joe; Lawler; Okeh (6707); December 12, 1941

“Blackout”; Erskine Hawkins (The Twentieth Century Gabriel); Averi Parrish; Sam Lowe; Bluebird (B-11192-B); May 15, 1941

PM, December 12, 1941

“And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” Parts 1 and 2; Sterling Holloway; Harry Sosnik; Dr. Seuss; December 12, 1941

December 12, 1941

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