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PM, December 23, 1940, p.1

Boy Meets Girl – and that’s no posed meeting as he came home last night on Christmas furlough with 5000 other soldiers. That’s not anguish you read in the face of the woman at the right. The Christmas package in her hand as she waits for her soldier is the tip-off. She too, is overcome with joy. (See page 15.) Photo by Weegee
PM, December 23, 1940, p.1

PM, December 23, 1940, p15. PM photos by Weegee

Home For Christmas Are the Soldiers From Alabama.
For nearly seven hours wives, girl friends, mothers and fathers swarmed into Pennsylvania Station to greet 5000 men returning from Fort McClellan, Anniston, Ala., on Christmas furlough. The special sections ran far behind schedule but the festive spirit of the crowd overwhelmed any feeling of boredom at the delay. The off schedules were caused by heavy traffic on southern routes of other trains distributing the new trainees throughout the country for the holidays. Then, too, special stops had to be made to take aboard more drinking water and sandwiches. Here, part of the crowd waits.

Marie Buoragura of 69 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, trusts that there are not too many soldiers named John but the signal, written in lipstick on a newspaper carries her message.

What their names are is not particularly important. The picture of Him meeting Her is eloquent enough in its bliss and perfect obliviousness to thousands of others who gave and received similar greetings at the station. The soldiers will remain here for none days, then entrain back to Alabama.
PM, December 23, 1940, p.15.

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Grand Central Station, December 23, 2012

…People swarmed Grand Central Station… the Apple store overwhelmed any feeling of boredom. (Weegee, a wartime photographer…) Here, part of the crowd walks, waits, and photographs…

Grand Central Station, December 24, 2020

PM, December 23, 1940

These Pictures Are PM’s Gift to You…
They are being given to readers who give PM Christmas gift subscriptions. Page 7 gives details.

PM Daily, January 6, 1942, p. 12

2. But this policeman found an auto near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. For Eddie Grosso, musician, of 34-40 83d St., Jackson Heights. Grosso faces $4 fine under new law. He parked his car, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
PM Photos by Weegee


Weegee Daily, January 6, 2013
2. A meter maid, or New York City traffic enforcement agent, found this van near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. A/C repairman faces a $65 fine. He parked his van, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
Weegee Daily Photos by Ceegee

Weegee Daily Map!

Weegee, PM Daily, July 23, 1942

Rationing of gasoline via permanent coupons started yesterday. In the photo, cars lined up in front of stations without gas. Sam Fromen, junkman, and his faithful steed had laugh on autoists at this Seventh Ave. station. Later in the day, after stations got gas, motorists stayed away in droves. Afraid of disappointment, perhaps. PM Photo by Weegee

Ceegee, Weegee Daily, July 23, 2012

Irrational. No rationing on this Seventh Ave. block. The gulf between the past and the present is thicker than bricks… WD Photo by Ceegee










We let our fingers do the walking to find this location… According to the 1940 Manhattan telephone book (courtesy of NYPL), there were two Bricks Service Stations on 7th Ave. The one at 161 7th Ave. is behind the Gulf gas station in Weegee’s photo. A local resident on a bike helped us identify the “art deco” building in the background…

Close, but no cigar…

The Google Street view of the Weegee photo.