“…a kind of game…”

“Air Raid Sirens”; Major (4023 A); 1960

REMEMBER: A long and a short blast are for an air-raid alarm. A series of short blasts means all clear.

“You Don’t Know What Love Is”; Benny Goodman and his Orch.; Art London; Raye; de Paul; Okeh (6534); December 10, 1941

Full Text of the President’s Address Last Night… …Seven-Day Work Week Announced for War Industries

…Powerful and resourceful gangsters…

The President Says Axis Is at War With Us Now

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat Following The Declaration Of War On Japan”; December 9, 1941

New York Has Its First Air-Raid Alarms, But the Enemy Fails to Make Appearance

A million schoolchildren were evacuated from their classrooms yesterday as New York had two air-raid alarms – the first of the war. These pupils at PS 34 on Hester Street look on the whole procedure as a kind of game. The alarm found most New Yorkers calm, but left them puzzled as to what it was all about. There is one theory that somebody mistook American planes for the enemy; another holds that it was a staged dress rehearsal. The Army denied the latter theory. Whatever the cause, we needed the practice. PM Photo by Weegee

“Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry”; Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra; Helen O’Connell; Victor Schertzinger; Johnny Mercer; Decca (4122 A); December 10, 1941

“I Remember You”; Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra; Bob Eberly; Victor Schertzinger; Johnny Mercer; Decca (4132 A); December 10, 1941

FBI’s Alien Roundup Brings in 335 Prisoners

“Not Mine”; Benny Goodman and his Orchestra; Peggy Lee; Mercer; Schertzinger; Columbia (38280); December 10, 1941

‘I Want to Stay Here,’ Wept This Japanese

PM, December 10, 1941 (Photos by Morris Gordon, Weegee, Harris and Ewing, and Click Magazine)

“Ev’rything I Love”; Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra; Bob Eberly; Cole Porter; Decca (4123 B); December 10, 1941

“…Powerful and resourceful gangsters…”

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