“Freed in 50-Cent Stabbing”

“They All Laughed”; Ozzie Nelson and his Orchestra; Ozzie Nelson; Ira and George Gershwin; Bluebird (B-6873-B); Publication date: March 12, 1937

Daily Argus, March 12, 1937, (Unidentified Photographer)

Freed in 50-Cent Stabbing

Mrs. Anna Sheehan quarreled with her husband, who earned $30 [$599 in Feb. 2022] a week, last New Year’s Eve, because he had spent 50 cents [$9.99 in Feb. 2022] for a beer. In the course of the quarrel [Mr.] Sheehan was stabbed with a kitchen knife. He died of the wound. Mrs. Sheehan, charged with the death, shown with their three children, was acquitted by a jury in Queens County Court, New York City, after five hours’ deliberation.

“Where or When (Donde y Cuando)”; Ruby Newman & his Rainbow Room Orch.; Ray Heatherton; Lorenz Hart; Richard Rodgers; Victor (25546-A); Publication date: March 12, 1937

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