“Neither of the men said anything.”

“Another One of Them Things”; Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra; Sy Oliver; Victor (20-1553-B); Publication date: March 13, 1942

“I’m Gonna Run to My Lord”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7893 A); March 13, 1942

“There’s One More River to Cross”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7900 A); March 13, 1942

The New York Times, March 13, 1942


‘Mad Killers,’ Keeping Insanity
Pose to End, Are Wheeled
to Death Chamber


Brothers, Weak From Refusal
to Eat or Exercise, Die
for Ruthless Crimes

OSSINING, N.Y., March 12 – Apparently almost oblivious of their surroundings and what was being done to them, William and Anthony Esposito were put to death in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison tonight for the murder of Patrolman Edward F. Maher, who was shot to death as he pursued the brothers after a hold-up in New York City on Jan. 14, 1941…

…extraordinarily sordid… [$649 in January 1941 had the same buying power as $11,728.13 in February 2022.]

“I Hope I May Join the Band”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7900 B); March 13, 1942

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