PM, October 30, 1940 (photos by Gene Badger, pp. 18-19… Man eating spaghetti, allegedly by Weegee, p. 17.)

Numbers Drawn, New York’s Registrants Are Ready for Draft Call
The historic 1940 conscription lottery is over. The machinery for drafting eligible young men from civilian life for a year of peace-time military training begins today. The first quota – those whose numbers were drawn first and have no valid exemption claims – will be sent to camp Nov. 18.
The schedule calls for a draft army of 800,000 men by June 15, of which New York City will supply about 65, 725…
Drafted? This Is Where You Find Out, So Start Reading
PM, October 30, 1940, p.8

PM, October 15, 1940 (Photos by Gene Badger, PM Staff)

Weegees World:
“Here Are the Answers to Your Questions About the Draft
If You Are Over 21 or Not Yet 36, Register Tomorrow, for Sure”
(Fortunately (?) Fellig was about 41.)