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PM, August, 15, 1946
“Of 411 letters to the editor of the Tokyo newspaper Yomiuri on whether kisses should be permitted in traditionally kissless Japan, 73 per cent opposed, 23 were for. Said one: Japanese “will be treated as country bumpkins” unless they sanction osculation;” said another: “They do not know the forms of kissing and how to practice them, and the technique of actors and actresses is clumsy and base.”
Always willing to help, Round-up comes to the assistance of the Japanese with the above demonstration by Bogart and Bacall. (Note to Johnson Offices: They are Married.

PM, April 2, 1944
“How to Draw Political Cartoons by Ad Reinhardt
Memo to editors: This solution to the problem of preparing the daily (any day) political cartoon is offered to relieve any paper, any metal or manpower shortages. This solution can be mastered by anyone in the four easy stages shown below. Send in for more complete instructions any time.”